LED indication in storage batteries

ADS brings to your notice a new development in area of alkali storage batteries and batteries for electric mine locomotives manufacture – electronic LED electrolyte level and storage battery state control device.

Use of storage batteries in this device simplifies their servicing, makes their operation more secure and extends their service life.

Main features
  • It visually signals of current electrolyte level in storage battery; therefore, there is no need in checking electrolyte level using glass stick or other methods demanding human contact with caustic alkali.
  • At refilling with distilled water, it gives signal of reaching maximal electrolyte level, thereby eliminating the possibility of spillover and dilution of electrolyte in storage battery below the recommended value of density. Such measures significantly extend service life
  • It permanently shows availability of storage battery element; it is only sufficient to visually check instruments readings (green LED) before operation in order to detect faulty or damaged elements
  • Operational safety significantly increases. Device is supplied from an element, on which it is installed, and doesn’t demand maintenance. Design features allow replacing failed device with no need in battery disassembling


Electrolyte level is on the MAX point or higher:
-storage battery is correct
-no need to refill with distilled water

Electrolyte level is between MAX and MIN points
-storage battery is correct
-no need to refill with distilled water

Electrolyte level is on the MIN point
-storage battery is correct
-need to refill* the cell with distilled water.


                                         * when refilling the cell, please check the blue LED and
                                            stop refilling when the blue LED turns off.