About the company

ADS focuses on implementation and development of innovative energy storage technologies.

To date, we are the largest and the most up-to-date industrial storage batteries and charging devices enterprise in Ukraine.

ADS industrial complex was built in 1998 in compliance with the strictest international standards. Every year huge investments are made into new technologies development and provision of manufacture with state-of-the-industry equipment.

Factory includes eleven highly tailored manufacturing departments with the area more than 6000 square meters located within the territory with total area more than 2 ha.

Except for capital investments into expansion of enterprise manufacturing base, large investment project on run-down alkaline batteries recycling of all types was implemented. It is expected that recycling complex will contribute significantly to fulfillment of ecological programs in our country.

Currently, in Ukraine, in spite of corresponding laws, not more than 10% of run-down batteries is recycled, while the same index in Europe exceeds 95%. Hopefully, these investments will promote achieving environmental objectives of our country.

ADS produces the following high-tech and high-end products:
  • stationary and traction alkaline storage batteries
  • starter alkaline storage batteries
  • maintenance-free alkaline storage batteries
  • accessories for storage batteries
  • power supply and uninterrupted power supply system for alternative power sources
  • telecommunication power systems
  • industrial charging devices

Moreover, our company is apt to carry out service activities on repairing and technical maintenance of storage batteries.