Recycling of run-down storage batteries

Project on production of nickel hydroxide from waste of alkaline storage batteries was implemented.

The main raw material for production of alkaline nickel-cadmium and nickel-iron storage batteries is nickel hydroxide (Ni(OH)2). This raw material is expensive and peculiar, because nickel hydroxide manufacturing technique for alkaline storage batteries differs from convenient nickel hydroxide manufacturing technique. Though chemical formula of these two products is the same, the electrochemical activity is different – this parameter defines the ability of nickel hydroxide to operate within active material of storage battery. In storage batteries industry nickel hydroxide for production of active materials is commonly referred to as nickelous hydroxide.

At production of nickelous hydroxide the main raw materials are nickel-containing products: nickel sulfate, carbonyl nickel, metallic nickel, recycled waste of alkaline storage batteries, etc.

As the factory LLC "ADS" currently uses 36-40 tons of nickelous hydroxide per year on average to the amount of UAH 7.5 mln., use of nickelous hydroxide is planned to be increased up to 50 tons per year in 2013. In this regard, in order to significantly cut costs on raw materials purchase, nickelous hydroxide production at its own factory on alkaline storage batteries manufacture was developed (with a capacity up to 60 tons per year). The main raw material is utilized waste of run-down storage batteries.

Raw materials for the project

These raw materials are generally available at all Ukrainian factories using alkaline storage batteries: Ukrzaliznytsia enterprises, mining, airports, communication center enterprises, carriage and locomotive works, car-repair and locomotive-repair enterprises, etc.

Except for LLC "ADS", other alkaline storage batteries manufacturers deliver their products to Ukraine; therefore annual output of released raw materials is much greater.

Mastering the manufacture

In order to master manufacture, funds in amount of 3,540,600 UAH are assimilated. Pay-off period of the project was equal to 8 months.