Storage batteries

Storage batteries manufactured by ADS for stationary industrial purposes are used as reliable backup power supplies in power engineering, oil and gas industry, buildings and structures, airports, river and marine vessels, road and rail infrastructure and in the other segments of industry.

Company has a broad selection of nickel-cadmium batteries with capacities from 24 to 700 Ah.

Storage batteries are available in plastic and metallic cases. Storage batteries of non-standard sizes may also be produced with configure-to-order option available for consumer.

KL series

Used in cases where long-term discharges with relatively low currents is needed (0,2 Crat).

Generally, they are installed in set with uninterrupted power supply systems. They are also used for supplying electric motors of loading equipment, electric trucks, mining electric locomotives, etc.

KH series

Used for starting petroleum and diesel engines; can supply high discharge currents (10 Crat).

ADS starter batteries of KN series are used in railway transport for starting engines in mainline locomotives.

KM series

Used where mid-current discharges (1 Crat) and high power of storage battery are needed.

Batteries of this series feature all the advantages of KL series batteries. They also provide long-term discharge rates with low currents (0,2 Crat), but, if needed, may be discharged during long time with current (1 Crat).

Therefore, it is recommended to use them in electrical transport as a power supply of electric motor. For instance, high currents may be needed when mining electric locomotive takes off with cars full of ore, or when loader takes a heavy cargo off the ground. In all these cases KM series battery is more effective than KL series battery.



Main advantages of nickel-cadmium batteries of KL, KM, KN series manufactured by ADS comparing to batteries of other manufacturers:

  • Not welded but bolted structure of electrode block that ensures servicing and repairing of storage battery with replacement of individual items.
  • Sealed ventilation valve that prevents free access of air to electrolyte, thereby extending its service life.
  • Ventilation valve spring with latch – for convenient servicing of storage batteries and refill with distilled water.
  • Use of special emulsion that forms electrolyte (it is its upper layer) and prevents fast evaporation of water from electrolyte, thereby increasing time interval between servicing. (Option)
  • Electronic electrolyte level sensor with LED alarm, which is installed on each element, ensures visual control of electrolyte level and eliminates direct contact of maintenance staff with alkali at metering (it is sufficient to replenish with needed amount of distilled water following electronic sensor readings) (Option).

Main advantages of nickel-cadmium storage batteries of KL, KM, KN series manufactured by ADS comparing to lead-acid versions: 

  • Service life – 20 years and more
  • Batteries are not sensitive to overdischarges (do not break or lose capacity)
  • Batteries are not sensitive to overcharges (do not swell, break or lose capacity)
  • Batteries are not sensitive to short circuit
  • Batteries are not sensitive to regular undercharging
  • Warranty period is 5 years
  • Broad range of operating temperatures is -40 to +45 С