Being an industry-leading batteries manufacturer in the country, our company is apt to provide integrated solutions on uninterrupted power supply implementation and energy storage, as well as to perform selection and selling of battery cells of any type.

Advantages of our storage batteries

  • highest reliability among industrial storage batteries; storage battery is not sensitive to most of the factors that reduce efficiency of storage batteries operating in other electrochemical systems;
  • long-term service – more than two thousand charge/discharge cycles;
  • NiCd storage battery can be recharged at low temperatures;
  • simple recovery after lowering of capacity or long-term storing;
  • low sensitivity to incorrect consumer’s actions;
  • wide range of sizes;
  • sealing capability;
  • the only type of battery that withstands complete discharge;


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KL, KM, KH series (.pdf, 12Mb)

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ТНЖШ series (.pdf, 4Mb)

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